Please, allow me to present you with some documents to appear at the new website of the new school of METHOD ACTING, based on STANISLAVSKY METHOD:

(1) Book written by former student Sharif Khan, titled "Psychology of the Hero's Soul", inspired by and dedicated to the Canadian Academy of Method Acting and his founder E. Jim G. Ross;

(2) Letter from University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, Drama Dept. to E. Jim G. Ross;

(3) Personal letter of encouragement from Martin Doyle, founder and first trainer of ACTRAWORKS (a training initiative created by and for members of ACTRA), recognizing excellence and believability accomplished by training provided at the Canadian Academy of Method Acting. Based on the program developed and taught by E. Jim G. Ross.

(4) Letter from Lawrence Bekich.

(5)"Jim has a unique view on acting which affects not only how you act, but how you approach your everyday life. I recommend him very highly to anyone wishing to learn the craft of acting."
Hugh Lambe, Actor.

(6)"JIM ROSS teachings give one of the best (if not the best) drama and moral teachings. Emotional acting, life changing skills, you will ever get in this industry!. Once you take it, you will be in a different league!. All together and you will control any conversation about acting!. And be humbled as people listen to you and want to know more!. If you are serious about ACTING, then get serious about this! LOVE YOU JIM! Always!....
JIMMY CAPPELLANO (actor and martial artist)

Very truly yours,


1. Book by Sharif Khan

2. Letter From U of T

3. Personal letter of encouraugement from Martin Doyle, founder and first trainer of ACTRAWORKS

4. Letter From Lawrence Bekich

5. Letter From Olunike Adeliyi


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