Visualizing Canada as the future capital of the world, I have founded the Canadian Academy of Method Acting, Solar Film Productions, and recently, the International Academy of Method Acting. LEADERSHIP TRAINING is our main objective. With my team, we are planning to bring students to Canada and also expand our business internationally.

We are based on the STANISLAVSKY METHOD, also called METHOD ACTING. It is more than an acting technique. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. Based on the constant search for EXCELLENCE instead of "mediocrity". Which includes not only the INTELLECT, but also, EMOTIONAL and INSTINCTIVE INTELLIGENCE. All geniuses of human history, have been touched by such philosophy: Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Homer, Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, Stanislavsky included, and many more.

We should also consider Albert Einstein, the "man of the millennium", according to Time magazine. He was not only a scientific genius, he also loved the arts, mainly music and he played the violin. Added to his great respect for religion. His famous sentence: "science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind", has touched millions of people in every continent. Our main source of inspiration, Konstantin Stanislavsky, the real genius behind "method-acting", also said: "The Lord gave me talent, and Apollo gave me inspiration". Recognizing the immense influence of Ancient Greeks, their love for knowledge, the arts, great philosophers and orators, codices of law, and democracy, that have strongly influenced our modern western culture.

Such philosophy based on "excellence", has proven to be more rewarding and profitable than any mediocre work and lifestyle. Living proofs includes Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford Copolla. They have brought more "billions of dollars" into Hollywood and the economy of the world, than most filmmakers worldwide. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe, etc., also disciples of "excellence", have done the same. Their love for magic realism, respect for the arts and the audiences, have gained them international recognition, while also transformed into substantial profits. Inspired and based on the same.

Mission Statement

Our professional LEADERSHIP TRAINING SERVICES, have been amalgamated into a complete package, to awaken the "genius within":

(1) Developing INSPIRATION: inhaling wisdom from life, nature, ourselves and people), to be able to inspire others;

(2) CREATIVE WILLPOWER: the determination to conquer wisdom, through a superior intellectuality (inspiration and creative imagination), instead of fearful, destructive minds;

(3) CREATIVE IMAGINATION: visualizing reality without being physically there, instead of mechanical imagination, which is copying other people's creative work. A superior intellectual capability higher than thinking;

(4) INTUITION: direct knowledge without thinking, awakened after learning how to quiet the mind. A manifestation of emotional intelligence, applied into our everyday life experiences. All these qualities are sleeping within each one of us. Sadly, never discovered and awakened in a lifetime. Our unique program represents clearly the urgent "need", for everyone to rediscover ourselves.

Who would not like to learn?:

(1) STRESS MANAGEMENT: (the most complete relaxation techniques, pranayamas or yoga-breathing, to quiet the mind, deep concentration, awakening spontaneity;

(2) ACTING COURSES, drama training: exploring 210 characters, related to the inner psychology of heroes and villains; applicable to younger and all generations who have mistakened the real meaning of both concepts; added to the intellect, awakening "emotional intelligence" and instinctive intelligence; WE HAVE CONTRIBUTED IN THE PAST TO TAKE PEOPLE AWAY FROM CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES;

(3) PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING: oriented into becoming "motivational speakers". Connecting to audiences of the world. Through instinctive, emotional and intellectual ways of communicating ideas; developing a soothing voice and the capability to fill an entire theatre without microphones (opera technique);

(4) LEADERSHIP TRAINING: to stop being a follower. Learning to lead ourselves, because the "real leader" is never outside, it is always "within". It is our unknown human potential to be developed without known limits. The sky is the limit. Discovering also the difference between "real leaders" and "pseudo leaders". REAL LEADERS are not afraid of competition. They are in love with excellence, with knowledge, constant self improvement. They are constantly "inspired" so, they inspire others. PSEUDO LEADERS desperately need followers; to dominate people, who sooner or later will realize their situation and will walk away from them. FOLLOWERS always make a double mistake: (A) they follow the wrong leaders; (B) they never learn to awaken their own potential.

Love for knowledge, theoretical and practical, is love for excellence itself. Just remember our childhood. Did we not bombard our parents or other adults with many questions every day? Did we not want to know everything?. Were we not hungry and thirsty for knowledge?. Was it not the TRUE LEADER natural psychology awakening?. Were we just learning to speak, and we already wanted to know everything?. Was it not our love for excellence, awakening, then?. When our elders told us to go to play with other children, they had forgotten their own love for knowledge. Human potential is then blocked, sadly mutilated, instead of contributing to awakening and developing it properly.

Our MISSION is to do justice to our true nature. Justice to the entire human race, including ourselves; justice to life. I already started writing a book about it. The urgency for everyone of a philosophy and a program based on excellence. A PROGRAM WHICH SECURES "PRODUCTIVITY" IN ALL WORLDS, EITHER CORPORATE, COMMUNITY, AND POLITICAL. IT IS A TRUE INVESTMENT FOR PEOPLE, TO IMPROVE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE, EVERYWHERE.

The Market

Our market is the entire human race. Who would not like to eliminate "stress"? We provide it without any outside medication. Where is fear coming from? Is it not from the perception of the unknown?. We must transform the unknown into the known, through self-knowledge. Becoming aware of our human potential. Who would not like to act in public, or before the cameras without fear?. Who would not like to speak with inspiration, to inspire others?. Who would not like to improve the quality of their voice?. Who would not like to feel their own inner strength, transformed into leadership qualities?. To stop being a slave of our own fears?. Of our own minds?. Our mind should never be our boss, but our servant.

Description Of Emotional Intelligence

The Arts, Medicine and Biology, are connected, even if we do not see it. Remember that the "Fathers of Western Medicine" were GALENO and HYPOCRATES. They knew about "emotional intelligence" and SOCRATES and PLATO, learned about it. They were wise enough to consider it a fundamental element in philosophy. PHILOSOPHY means LOVE FOR WISDOM. They all knew about "intuition", connected with the endocrine gland that we call "heart". Or direct knowledge, without thinking. A "superior emotional center", allocated there, according to them. They added "the gut feeling", coming from the "solar plexus", or "inferior emotional center". They reinforced these concepts by applying them into PUBLIC SPEAKING. The most powerful orators in the world, must have been those who were trying to teach and speak, PHILOSOPHY (which it means LOVE FOR WISDOM), in universities and temples of Ancient Greece.

(A) "I N T U I T I O N" (superior emotional intelligence):

It has been considered a "feminine capability", very much ignored in a "male chauvinist society". Scientists have discovered that our heart is more than just a muscle to pump blood into the system. It is also an endocrine gland, interrelated with the endocrine system. So, emotional intelligence dos not come direct from the brain, but it ends up in our brain, transformed into thoughts and words. According to the language(s) we speak. Thinking "is not everything". It is not our highest capability, because we all make mistakes, through just thinking. To become wiser in life, there must be a balance between intellect, emotions and instinct. Let us remember that "LIFE IS A GREAT STAGE WHERE WE ARE ALL PERFORMERS" (Shakespeare). Our individual and collective dramas need to be resolved by awakening the genius within. Our Real Leader awaiting to be manifested, is sitting down on our intellectual, emotional and instinctive amazing potential and capabilities that urgently need to be developed.

(B) T H E "G U T - F E E L I N G" (inferior emotional center):

Interrelated with our heart on the center of the human machine is our belly button. A potential that everybody has experienced, coming from our solar plexus, our diaphragm, very much interrelated with our digestive system. It is like our pancreas, our stomach, our liver, our spleen, our kidneys and our intestines which give us an "alert" regarding potential danger. Do we not feel butterflies in our stomach when we are in trouble?

Why Our Services Are Better, Faster And Cheaper

When we are oriented to BENEFIT the entire human race, we see ourselves targeting the corporate world, governments, politicians, lawyers, police, firefighters, the artistic community, community centers, schools, universities. All sectors are under heavy stress, even daycares. Oriented to those who can handle a more expensive private service to their needs, and to unemployed people and students. Last ones, will be provided with CD's, DVD's and books, at a minimum cost, or even donated to libraries, to fulfill the universal objectives of our program. Getting everyone into the LEADERSHIP TRAINING and the psychology of EXCELLENCE or AWAKENING THE GENIUS within.


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