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LEADERSHIP TRAINING is a fundamental objective of IAMA and CAMA. Both are affiliated international schools of METHOD ACTING, based on the STANISLAVSKY METHOD, created by Konstantin Stanislavsky. Re-baptized later as Method Acting. More than an acting technique, it is a way of life, an art form and a constant inner introspection to awaken our creativity. Individual and collective dramas, conflicts and contradictions, reflected in everybody's life, are fundamental for the training of a believable Method Actor, a serious Stanislavsky student.

Shakespeare and Stanislavsky, descend from the same fountain of inspiration. They are a perfect complement, coming from the Greek Theatre. At the entrance of the Temple of Delphis, a sentence can be read: "OH MAN (WOMAN), KNOW THYSELF AND YOU WILL KNOW THE UNIVERSE AND THE GODS". Their gods are the same angels, archangels, Elohim, of all religions. Heroes versus villains, represent our own realities and the constant struggle between our superior and inferior natures.

Stanislavsky-Method Actors are trained to develop the most complete spectrum of human characters imaginable. They learn not to pretend, or to develop soul less characters. They learn to immerse deeply into realistic performances. Developing emotional, instinctive and intellectual intelligence, as part of a believability that emanates from a truthfull reality itself.

E. Jim G. Ross

Film and Theatre Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Method Actors' Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Freelance Journalist (member of HIPAC), Gnostic Anthropologist. Founder of the Canadian Academy of Method Acting.

Actors, filmmakers, writers, comedians, public speakers, TV, radio hosts and all kinds of performers. Also lawyers, politicians, business people, and those searching for self improvement, have benefited from the powerful training provided by E. Jim G. Ross (30 years). Very few people are able to teach believability and magic realism, based on awakening our inspiration, imagination and intuition.


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